General Terms & Conditions for the Online-Order-System

1. General
By placing an order for an entry or advertisement, the client accepts the general terms and conditions of AMI Ausstellungs- und Messe-Information Gesellschaft mbH Frankfurt (AMI). These terms and conditions shall apply exclusively. Terms and conditions issued by the client that are not in line or differ from these terms and conditions shall not be accepted unless AMI has agreed to this explicitly in writing.

2. Offers and prices
All quotations and prices are given without obligation. The publication of a new price list invalidates all previous prices. All prices plus VAT, if applicable.

3. Rendering of account
In the absence of a separate order confirmation, invoices also serve as confirmation of order for entries and advertisements in the catalogue Exhibition and Fair Information.

4. Conditions of payment
Payment of the invoice amount shall be made in full within 10 days of date of invoice. Specific authorisation shall be required from AMI prior to deduction of any discount. For payments made after the due date AMI shall be entitled to charge interest on arrears, in addition to collection charges, at the rate of 4% above the current German Federal Bank discount rate.

5. Data protection
(1) Notice in pursuance of Section 33 of the German Data Protection Act. The Client hereby agrees that AMI may store, process or pass on all data needed to process his order, insofar as this is necessary for fulfilment of order, and may employ automatic data processing in this process.
(2) The Client hereby agrees that the entry and advertisement texts given in his order may be published by AMI. This provison shall not imply any right to publication.

6. Liability
Claims against AMI for restitution of pecuniary damages shall be limited to cases relating to premeditated acts or acts of gross negligence. Links can take users to internet sites, the contents of which do not come within the sphere of responsibility of AMI. These links are recognisable as such from the context or specifically marked. More specifically, AMI expressly distances itself from all information retrievable via the aforesaid links. Moreover responsibility shall only be substantiated in the event of awareness on the part of AMI of a legal infringement and that it would have been technically possible and reasonable for AMI to have prevented use (§ 5 section 2 TDG). AMI has taken reasonable steps to scrutinise the aforesaid third party content for potential legal infringements. No violations of copyright, trademark law, individual rights or infringements of competition law were apparent on the web sites of these third party suppliers, nor are we aware of any, or of any criminal actions. The web page provider shall bear sole liability for page content and for any damages arising from the use or non-use of the nature of information provided and not the party who merely referred the user to the published information via the aforesaid links.

7. Place of fulfilment/place of jurisdiction
(1) Venue/place of performance: In the event of dispute, particularly regarding payment, the courts of Frankfurt/Main shall have jurisdiction. Place of performance shall be Frankfurt/Main.
(2) Contractual relations between AMI and client shall be subject solely to german law.

8. Publishe/Editor
Published and produced by: AMI Ausstellungs- und Messe-Information Gesellschaft mbH Frankfurt.